Is personal safety diminishing?

If someone asked me that, I would absolutely say yes, and it has been since the early sixties. The other day I had a situation that happened that really caused me to focus in on my own personal safety, and now, with Obama’s re-election, I’m really concerned. It was seven in the morning and I had just gotten to work. I had to come in early this particular day because I was setting the add. As I’m walking to the door, a car with four black guys start shouting at me and told me to come over there. I did not really approach the car, I just said “what.” They asked if they could come in the store with me, and I just said it does not open yet. They started laughing crazy and then yelled at me some more. I just walked away and felt rattled and vulnerable. When I got to the door it was locked and there was no one there to open it for five minutes. I felt like the manager should definitely be at the door on time if I’m at work on time. If someone wanted to abduct me, they could have easily. I’d like to think I’m strong and can take care of myself, but the reality is, is I’m just a young woman and could easily be overpowered. I’m definitely not Gina Carano. I was frightened, but I realized that I cannot rely on my work to keep me safe, or anyone else for that matter.

To be honest, guns and other weapons make me feel safe. I think every woman should have mace on their keys. People need a way to defend themselves. Our founding fathers knew this, and with that knowledge came our 2nd Amendment. Of course liberal members of congress want to reinterpret it to fit what they think it should be, but I know better. If more people had carry permits, I do believe crime rates would be down. Look at Chicago for instance, they have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, yet they experience terrible crime rates. In 2010 they had more police officers killed by gunfire than any other police agency in the nation. When the honest people cannot properly defend themselves, the criminals are left with the weapons.

I’m so upset that Obama won. I’ve been in mourning for the last few days. I believe in what the United States used to be, and it’s no longer that. I really don’t know how people could vote for a man who is so against personal liberty and freedom. Sure, the words that come out of his lying mouth say he supports the 2nd Amendment. That’s just BS because his voting record strongly disagrees. He supports an assault weapons ban, supports international treaties to restrict firearms, and he appoints Supreme Court Justices that are opposed to second amendment rights, etc.

I really just don’t know if a true conservative will be elected ever again because like Rush Limbaugh said, “you can’t beat Santa Claus.” People don’t even know what liberty and freedom mean anymore, all they know is what they can get from the government and all the governments cares about is what they can take away from hard working individuals.

I do not want to loose hope yet though, because there are still many people who know what it means to be an American. We have been the hope of others for so long, and we have been a refuge for people experiencing religious persecution. We need to remain thankful for what we do have and continue to fight for our values and the truth of how the United States began.

“Truth always carries with it confrontation. Truth demands confrontation; loving confrontation nevertheless. If our reflex action is always accommodation regardless of the centrality of the truth involved, there is something wrong.” ~Francis Schaeffer


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