Pay Their fair share?

I’m sick of taxpayer dollars being wasted.
Once again, I missed the debate when it was on because I was working, but it’s okay because I caught it later. So many things stood out to me but one particular thing that I just want to address is Obama’s usage of the phrase “pay their fair share.” I’m so sick of this phrase. Higher earning individuals already pay more than middle income Americans; they do not need their taxes raised. Plus, the people with the money are people that higher other people. My mom cleaned houses several years back, guess who hired her, rich people. They helped our family to have money coming in. My father works for a small business owner in construction. Because of Obama and his overwhelming support of environmentalist programs, construction companies are suffering because they have so many more regulations in various areas including regulations on heavy equipment. It’s utterly ridiculous, and this is just what I see in my own family.

I believe in taxes but FAIR taxes and that is not what Obama supports. Personally, I’d like to see people pay more out of pocket for community college.  In my town it is so bad that I couldn’t even get any classes I needed this semester. The college I go to is one of the most crowded colleges in my state. There are more blacks and Hispanics than whites and Asians and other races. My black friend, who goes to the same college, told me that he doesn’t know why but the government really wants to give money to black people. (He also said, “How can I not vote for Obama, he’s black.”) I’ve been trying to talk to him, and I showed him conservative black American’s that I look up too. I hope he comes around.

I’m not against grants and financial aid but I think it should be earned. The classes start out with over 40 students and at the end of the semester there are 15 and below. The students drop out after they get their financial aid money. My best friend did that exact thing. It made me angry but she was going to do what she was going to do. She spent the money on shopping she could live without, and this is my taxpayer dollars and my parent’s taxpayer dollars! It’s wrong and unethical. By the way, I do not get priority registration because my family is not “poor enough.” My dad has worked so hard for my family, destroying his body. He’s a heavy equipment operator, and those machines are very hard on a man’s body. Its horrible that his kids get punished because he has worked hard and supported his family.

I believe in vouchers and I think they would really help people to try harder; I’m with Romney on that.   And I sit here asking myself more questions. What good is something if it’s not earned? Where did pride and dignity and personal accountability go? If I see this stuff going on every singe day, when are more people going to?


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