Intro to the Average Entitlement Mentality

I got home from work late last night and was unable to watch the vice presidential debate so I watched it this morning.  I thought it was a good debate except for Biden’s Joker-like grins and the bias moderator, Martha Raddatz.

The truth is, I feel privileged to watch these debates and develop my own perspective.  If I am going to vote in the national election, I sure as heck better know what I’m voting for and why.

I work in retail with fellow average Americans like myself.  I’ve been there for almost four years now, and let me tell you, you can learn a lot about people in that kind of time.  First off, u learn that a secret is information you tell someone when you want it to become public knowledge by morning, and that is something I now live by.  (courtesy to for that definition)

Second, you realize how much people believe society owes them.  I was raised with the mentality to work hard and never call off and never show up late; to be thankful for what I do have, and do not expect anything I haven’t earned.  When I got hired, I made an agreement to work for a certain amount of money.  I did not make an agreement to complain and refuse to do my best if they didn’t pay me what I thought they should.  So many people are like this though.  I see it every day.  I had a conversation with a fellow worker and friend last week.  She is a recipient of government aid.  She was complaining to me how this job doesn’t pay enough and she did not have money to go to the dentist for her abscess.  I found that mind boggling because the place I work for offers dental and I see her shopping several times every week for unnecessary items.  She has the money but she wastes it.  My sister’s friend believes it is her right to have debt.  She stated that everyone has debt, it doesn’t matter, and she’s going to die in debt and let society pay it off for her.  It is true that she has that right, but is it ethical?

My mother’s sister made the same amount of money annually as did our family, but she continually called family members asking for money throughout the years.  She even had the church pay her house payment several times.  It was generous of the people that gave to her, but she never learned, and she never paid back money she said she would.  I remember being a kid when we would visit her and my cousins.  Her kids always had the newest technology like mp3 players and phones way before I even had a phone.  I still do not have internet on my phone to this day because I try to save money where I can, and go with what I can live without.

My point is, people that I see day-to-day no longer know how to save money, and they do not care.  Ethics and values are out the window, and there is a serious lack of responsibility.  Government aid was meant to help people in dire circumstances, not people just looking to get out of labor or smoke their pot.  Food stamp enrollment alone has risen 65.2 percent in the last four years.  I happen to work with several food stamp recipients, one man tells me about all the money he has been able to save since moving to a full time position.  I listen wondering why are you allowed to still receive food stamps when you make enough money and when you are significantly overweight.  There are serious flaws in the system.  When I see the woman at my counter buying jewelry on five different credit cards to max each one out, it aggravates me a little, but it also makes me sad that our society has fallen so low.


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